Soloist Prizes



I Prize in XII National Competition for Young Musicians “City of Xativa”


I Prize in VI Competition for Young Musicians Villa of Castellnovo


I Prize in Individual modality in III Open Competition for Young People “Villa de Betxi”


I Prize in IV International Competition for Young Saxophonists of Tarragona


II Prize in XV Competition for Young Musicians “Ruperto Chapi” of Villena


II Prize in XVI Competition for Young Musicians “Ruperto Chapi” of Villena


II Prize in II International Copetition of Saxophone “Allegro” in Valencia


Honorific Mention in Competition “Melómano” Intercentros





David was born in Tavernes de la Valldigna (Valencia) in 1984. He studied at the RCSM in Madrid, specialising in Pedagogy and Saxophone, graduating with Distinction. He studied a Master's degree in Cultural Management at the University of Alcalá de Henares, and a Master's degree in Musical Interpretation at Valencia International University. He has participated as a judge in several competitions, including the International Music Tournament, and the ENKOR International Woodwinds and Brass Competition.


He has won awards as a soloist in Spanish young musician’s competitions, including Ciutat de Xàtiva, Villa de Castellnovo, Vila de Betxí, Jóvenes Saxofonistas de Tarragona, Ruperto Chapí in Villena, Allegro 2005 and Melómano. He has also won awards with the Octavia Saxophone Quartet in the international Yahama competition for Saxophone Quartets, Mirabent i Magrans, Pedro Bote, International Music Tournament in Verona and Masterplayer 2012. With the duet Dúo Lu-2 Tonalis he has won the award for the best Contemporary Music Group and Premio Liceo Gestión Cultural from the Miguel Ángel Colmenero Foundation.


He has played as a soloist in the main theatre of the Auditorio Nacional de Música in Madrid and in the Palau de la Música in Barcelona with the National Classical Orchestra of Andorra within the programme ‘El Primer Palau’.  He participates in international congresses and festivals, such as the World Saxophone Congress in St Andrews, Scotland, in 2012, Touquet International Music Masters in 2013, World Saxophone Congress Saxopen 2015 in France and the 1st European Saxophone Congress in Ciudad Real, Spain in 2014. He has played live for the classical radio channel of RNE, Euro Radio and Cataluña Música, and has been a part of the National Orchestra of Spain, the Orchestra of the Community of Madrid, the Orchestra of Valencia and the European Philamonic Orchestra.


He has recorded two CDs. Original (2015) with the Octavia Saxophone Quartet and Alma (2017) with the pianist Sonia Sifres with transcriptions from Camillo and Robert Schumann for the 4 main saxophones in the family. He is currently preparing his third CD, the duet with piano called Lu-2 Tonalis.


He is a Saxophone and music teacher in the Conservatorio Superior de Música in Castilla la Mancha, artist in D’addario Woodwinds, Silverstein Works, Instrumentomanía and the first saxophonist in Spain to be the face of the prestigious Japanese saxophone brand Yanagisawa.





Chamber Music Prizes



I Prize in Chamber Music modality in III Open Competition for Young People “Villa de Betxi


Prize to the Best Music Contemporany Chamber Group and Liceo Cultural Gestion to Duo with Piano “Ludos Tonalis” by Fundation Miguel Ángel Colmenero


I Prize in I “Yamaha” International Competition for Saxophone Quartets with Octavia Saxophone Quartet


I Prize in International Chamber Music Competition “Mirabent i Magrans” with Octavia Saxophone Quartet


II Prize in XII International “Pedro Bote” Young Competition with Octavia Saxophone Quartet


III Prize in XIII International “Pedro Bote” Young Competition with Octavia Saxophone Quartet


Honour Diploma in “Torneo Internationale di Música” of Verona with Octavia Saxophone Quartet


Second Honour Diploma in International Masterplayer Competition with Octavia Saxophone Quartet


I Prize in Internatinal Chamber Music Competition “Antón Garcia Abril” with Duo with piano “Ludos Tonalis”